Low NOx Premix Metal Fiber Burners

Parker Boilers Premix Low NOx Burner System utilizes a variety of metal fiber burners. These are Flat-Strip-Box Type Burners or Cylinder Type L for sealed combustion chambers. The burners consist of a metal fiber surface (hot face) constructed from a special metal alloy. The metal fiber is either sintered or woven. The metal fiber offers an insulating effect which lowers burner surface, flame temperatures and NOx levels. These burners have distribution and backing plates. The metal fiber thickness varies between 1-8 mm. Extremely Low NOx Levels can be achieved with these burners and many Parker Boiler systems are installed and running at under 9-12 ppm. The burners if kept clean and adjusted properly will offer many years of trouble free service.

Cylindrical Metal Fiber Burners

Cylindrical Metal Fiber Burners (MFB) are used on Parker Water Wall Hot Water Boilers. This cylinder burner is supplied with a ratio control gas air mixture to the firing head. The metal fiber surface offers an extremely low thermal conductivity insulating back drop so flame temperatures are low. These low flame temperatures promote Low NOx emissions in the combustion process. In combination with the Parker Boiler sealed Water Wall combustion chamber we realize high efficiencies. This burner will also be used in Parker Steam Boilers which will incorporate a Water Wall Furnace. The single Metal Fiber Burner (MFB) offers a price advantage over multiple Metal Fiber Burners Strips.

A Variety Of Burners For Every Job

The MFB-22.5 and 36 have been in use since 1992. They utilize a sintered metal fiber hot face. We have installed approximately 20,000 of these burners in the field. The burners are utilized for a 20 or 30 ppm NOx level. These burners are designed to run in a blue (convective) flame mode.

The PB-20.5, PB-22.5 or PB-36 utilize a woven metal fiber. They were developed as replacements for the MFB Series. The metal fiber on these burners covers the entire top of the burner offering improved service life under severe heat conditions. All PB Burners are constructed of stainless steel. These burners can operate in a blue flame or radiant mode if desired.

The PB-22.5LN and PB-36LN were developed to address the 9 and 12 ppm NOx levels imposed by various air districts. The burners utilize the NIT100S material on 100% of the firing surface plus they utilize a series of stripes of woven metal fiber strips to break the surface flame pattern.