ParkerView Dashboard


arkerView‐Dashboard is a custom designed web based monitoring system for boiler systems and other mechanical devices. It is a perfect addition to our ParkerView Lead Lag panels. Through a modem, or proper internet connection, we are able to display online system data including trending of the equipment, temperature, pressure, firing rate, burner status, etc.

How does it work?
The ParkerView Dashboard transfers the boiler system information from ParkerView Lead Lag (PV-LL) panel directly to the parker webpage ( through a cellular modem.

Main Function
The dashboard’s functionality is mainly used for monitoring the boiler system; It can display and trend the system enable/disable, setpoint (temperature/pressure), system temperature/pressure, outside air temperature, boiler firing rate, burner status, pump status, etc. Customers can also have the ability to control basic functions remotely such as enable/disable the system and change of setpoint through the webpage.

Other Features
Another great feature of ParkerView-Dashboard is alarm system monitoring and notifications. Alarm log will store the history of alarms for the time period of two weeks. The alarm notifications can be sent via email or text messages to Up to three contacts. (Note: Customized alarms are provided upon request.)

Accessibility Through Most Devices
The ParkerView Dashboard webpage is accessible through any computer, tablet or smartphone using windows, IOS or android operating system. (Note: A good internet connection is required.)

This service is offered free of charge for the first year. For more information in regards to rates and account activation, please contact Parker Boiler.

See a live dashboard demo!
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Please Contact Parker Boiler at (323) 727-9800 For Information Regarding ParkerView Dashboard